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In the current investment climate, one thing has stood out above the rest, the Gem of Gems or more commonly known as Diamonds.

Over the decades Diamonds have consistently grown when other markets have faltered. Not Only do they bear an intrinsic value, their beauty is unsurpassed by any other Gems, their reputation is second to none.

Diamonds (Clear, Cut and Polished):

At i-Base Commodities Corporation Limited we offer the opportunity to invest in polished diamonds certified by recognized Certification Authorities as GIA, IGI, HRD. Many of the best investment opportunities occur during times of economic uncertainty. Our clients are able to take full advantage of this by using our expertise to build strong, well-balanced portfolios of investment-grade diamonds, secure in the knowledge that our experts have been taking the uncertainty out of diamond investments, ensuring that they are conflict free and fit your investment criteria.

Coloured Diamonds:

Investing in Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds is simple, secure, and rewarding. At i-Base Commodities Corporation Ltd, we can help you gain direct access to superior rare jewels at prices beyond compare. Strategic investments into Natural Fancy coloured Diamonds offer solid returns. We recommend procuring coloured diamonds at our unbeatable prices and retaining them until values have risen. i-Base Commodities Corporation Limited suggests a hold period of 4-6 years until the Argyle Mine in Australia shuts down in 2018. This is considered the most advantageous time to reap the benefit of an investment, as the Argyle Mine is the world’s major supplier of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

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The newly found properties of graphene such as its incredible strength and, at the same time, its minimal weight have raised high expectations in modern material science. Graphene, a two-dimensional crystal of carbon atoms packed in a honeycomb structure, has been in the focus of intensive research which led to a Nobel Prize of Physics in 2010. With graphene being in its infant stage we at i-Base Commodities Corporation Limited see this as the perfect opportunity to add this unique product to your portfolio.


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Holding Services:

Due to our global trading capacity, we are able to recommend storage facilities for traded commodities at major trading centres around the world. We partner with global bonded warehouse facilities and provide short and long term storage solutions with the most sought after logistical companies in the world. Traded commodities can be delivered to bonded warehouse locations which include, but are not limited to:

  • London, UK
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Hong Kong
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Tel Aviv, Israel