Committee Members 2018 – 2019

The Central Counties Region Committee are very pleased and proud to announce that two of our members have been elected to the National Council.

Mr Phil Henson holds the position of Vice Chairman to the Camping and Caravanning Club and an elected member of the following Committees:

Executive, Management, Communications and Exempted Camping.

We are proud to say he has accepted the role of Vice President to the Central Counties Regional Committee.

Mr Norman Hemsley holds the position of Elected Member and is an  Elected Member of the Camping & Caravanning Club, Sites Committee.

Norman holds the position of  National Countryside Care Officer

Our Chairman, Mr Gordon Barlow is the Central Counties Region Appointed Councillor to the Camping and Caravanning Club.

This makes the Central Counties Region very well represented at National level and something we should all be very proud of.

Trevor Cooke, our immediate Past Chairman is a co-opted member of the Communication Committee.

Central Counties Region Committee 2018

President Larry Brown
Vice President Richard Fell
Vice PresidentPhil Henson
ChairmanGordon Barlow
Immediate Past
Trevor Cooke
Vice ChairmanChristine Higgins
SecretaryElizabeth Stringfellow
TreasurerAnn Smith
PRODavid Sewell
Sites OfficerChristine Higgins
Fixture List OfficerPhil Henson
Regalia & EquipmentMark Breedon
Countryside CareHarry Wilkinson
Deputy Countryside
Roger Stringfellow
Social SecretaryVal Thompson
WebmasterCheryl Taylor
Regional Youth LeadersSarah & Paul Hemsley
Appointee to
National Council
Norman Hemsley
Deputy Appointee to
National Council
Gordon Barlow
Booking OfficerAlan Bryans
Elected CouncillorDavid Wilkes
Elected CouncillorDennis Purbrick
Elected CouncillorGary Sims