Networking and Negotiating

The more you network the more successful you will be. However the networking needs to be structured and you need to negotiate with yourself where and with who you network! Your energy has to be focused on where you can get the maximum results so that you don’t... read more

Jane Porter writes about creativity and negotiating. My view is that we want to up the value or the perceived value rather than haggling over price points. Worth reading on – Ted Leonhardt always got the jitters before a big client meeting. It didn’t... read more

Listen as if your life depends on it – when negotiating

Listening is one of the key skills when negotiating. I am writing the chapter for my new book on listening at the moment. I have written 3400 words almost 10% of the book, it is that important. How are your listening skills? Do your ears need a bit of sharpening to... read more

Special report – press release Speaking at the international professional speaker’s annual convention in Birmingham  – negotiation adviser and expert Derek Arden gave the audience from all over the world the following advice for negotiating in the credit crunch,... read more

SME Start ups. Fundamentals never change

Whether you are a start up business, work for yourself or work for others. If you get the basics write it will be difficult to fail. Here is my workshop, seminar or talk on the keystone issues Session 1 – Fundamentals are the same 1 – First Impressions... read more

November – negotiate

November is here. Now is the time to up your negotiating game and start getting great deals for Christmas. However the best Christmas present you can give yourself, your business and your job is to improve and upgrade your negotiating skills. Why? Because anything... read more

Speaker expert services

Inspirational speaking. The new service for anyone who wants to speak better, speak more and speak confidently is launched. this is private and confidential or on a team basis. Structure, planning and how to wow your audience are the crucial points. From wedding... read more

Magic words – fantastic

The Olympics have given positive language a whole new meaning. Amazing, fantastic, awesome, superb, sensational, brilliant the list goes on; but what these words do is they energise. They create positive emotions and positive emotions energise,whereas negative... read more